PRE-NATAL: With a little one on the way, it’s important to spend some quality time with your partner and reflect on your self-care and wellbeing during your pregnancy. Whether you want to try new experiences, indulge in our relaxing and luxurious spa treatments that are pregnancy safe, or simply spend some alone time together, we have plenty of opportunities for you and your partner to have quality time before the imminent arrival of your bundle of joy.

Optional: POST-NATAL: The retreats include daily yoga, private counselling, birth story sharing sessions as well as a relaxing massage and workshops to facilitate mother and child bonding.


  • Maternity Shoot
  • Conscious Pregnancy Workshop (for existing Moms)
  • Conscious Pregnancy & Baby Care Intro Workshop (first-time Moms)
  • Pre-natal massage
  • Pre-natal yoga, meditation & sound healing
  • Romantic dinner
  • Couple Kundalini – for women pregnant less than 120 days


  • Clear your mind and relax.
  • Reconnect with your partner.
  • Pampering: Expecting moms often selflessly plan everything out for baby, but forget to pamper themselves a little too.
  • Sleep: Get your zzz’s before the baby arrives.
  • Eating: Nourish yourselves with a delicious meal (or two) and be sure to enjoy dessert together. Cravings are a natural part of pregnancy, so why not indulge a little during your babymoon?
  • Being present: Parents-to-be experience many different emotions as they get closer to expecting their little bundle of joy. Journaling, whether for yourselves or writing to your baby-to-be, is a great way to acknowledge and explore your feelings about being parents, your hopes, dreams, etc.

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